Coin Box
The purpose of this project is to make a "token changer" box. So person puts in $$$ or presses a button and the box counts up the ammount of tokens then when you press another button it spits them out. A addon for this project is bicycle attachment. Where you ride a bike and after you have riden a certain distance (1K or so such) it adds one to the counter and then you press the button when you are finished to get the coins. Make money off excercise.


$52.50  - Serial Liquid Crystal Display Module -

$7.90- Real Time Clock chip (to display the time on the LCD)

$50.70 PICAXE-18X Starter Pack - serial. Contains  BAS805 CD, AXE026 serial, AXE015X Chip, CHI030 Project board, and BAT020 Battery box.


 Ok my project has changed a little with the discovery of PICAXE (thanks

Now my master plan.

Basically its a "token change box". It accecpts coins via a coin mech, then counts the coins and displays the ammount of credits on the lcd screen. You press a button to spit out those coins via the hopper and thus setting the credits back to 0.

As a added part to this project, there will also be a plug on the side for a attachment of a excercise bike, and for say every 1KM (some distance, not figured out yet) you get 1 token. Once finished riding you press the "gimme tokens" button and it spits them out.

So I have decided on the following items for this project.

Coin Mech - sends signals down wire in pulses. 1 pulse per credit (20c most likely). So if i put in a $2 coin i can program the coinmech to do 10 pulses. 1 Input

Excercise Bike- This will be connected via the bikes own sensor which usually goes to the excercise bike computer (to tell you how fast you are going etc). Every time the wheel goes round it will add up in the PICAXE until a certain number is reached and then add 1 credit. 1 Input

"Gimme Tokens Button" - Very simple, pressing this send the signal to the PICAXE to start the motor and wait for the token sensor to send back signals. 1 Input

Relay - This is used so when the "gimme tokens" button is pushed it will activate which will turn the relay on and activate the 24VDC motor of the coin hopper. When the sensor has picked up the right ammount of coins it will stop the motor. 1 Output

[B]Speaker[/B] - Simple, just to add some sound to this project for the fun of it. Things like "gimme tokens" and it plays a tune, or a sound to tell you how far away from the next credit you are when using the bike. [I]1 Output[/I]

[B]LCD [/B](using the PICAXE's LCD addon, including time addon) - This will show you how many credits you have built up by inserting coins or using the bike. When no credits have been entered it will be used to display the time. When you start using the bike it will show a "progress bar" so you can tell how much further till you get that credit. [I]1 Input 1 Output[/I]

[B]Coin Hoppor Sensor[/B] - Im assuming this sends a pulse when a coin passes through the coin hopper. Once this reaches the amount of credits the relay is switched off and the motor stops (hopefully). [I]1 Input[/I]

[B]LED's[/B] - This is just because the chip can support more outputs, so I mayaswel have a couple of LED's to show things like hopper error (red) , Light up the "gimme tokens button" and another green LED for "credit added/given out" [I]3 Outputs[/I]

Inputs 5
6 Outputs


Because of the amount of inputs i have to use the 18X picaxe. That is ok tho, I am pretty sure from my quick reads that all of this is possible. The only problem i might have is doing the POWER for all the devices, PICAXE - 5V COIN MECH 12V MOTOR 12V LCD 5V SPEAKER (not sure). I would be after 1 power switch/cable for the entire box.

I know I will most likely need help on this project and would love some inputs on my idea/plans.

Once i receive the coin hopper and also once i order and receive the picaxe i can start to draw up some more detailed plans and also some cad drawings of the box etc.

Comments are welcome!!!